Keep your air conditioner running at it’s optimum all year round.

An air conditioner that is regularly serviced and maintained will run better and last longer. A poorly maintained air conditioner will be inefficient, use more energy and be prone to breakdown. It could also be dirty and unhealthy.

Regular and ongoing maintenance also gives you the piece of mind of knowing that your air conditioner can be relied upon and will constantly work at its optimum capacity.

To ensure your air conditioner is running it’s best, and in many cases, to ensure you satisfy warranty conditions, manufacturers do advise that maintenance be carried out at least once a year.


Split Systems

A typical standard service includes:

Split System indoor unitIndoor Unit

  • Fully clean and deoderise filters and indoor housing
  • Check supply and return air temperatures
  • Clean indoor coils
  • Check evaporator drain
  • Calibrate remote control

Split System outdoor unitOutdoor Unit

  • Inspect outdoor coil/clean
  • Check condenser fan for any obstructions
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check pipe insulation – replace if necessary
  • Check condenser level

Evaporative Systems

Standard Evap Cooling Services Include:

  • Check correct operation of pump
  • Check correct operation of fan (tension fan belt if applicable)
  • Check correct water level
  • Check operation of dump valve
  • Inspect and fix duct work
  • Operate and Test

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