Cleaning Services

At Click4Trades we go the extra mile to provide service and lasting results. We provide a one stop solution to clean all of your carpets as well as hard surfaces and windows. This “one stop shop” approach to cleaning your home and office saves you time and money. Click4Trades can help you with:-

  • Dry Carpet Cleaning
  • Steam Carpet Cleaning
  • Tile Cleaning
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Carpet Sanitisation
  • End of Lease or Pre-Sale Cleaning
  • Water Damage & Restoration
  • General Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

One of the Click4Trades cleaners come to your home or office and deliver outstanding results, at a time that suits you.  Using only top of the range cleaning equipment to provide a deeper and complete clean, our consultative approach ensures that you are happy with the final results.  Including those stubborn stains will be removed once and for all.

Commercial Cleaning

Need the carpets cleaned in your office? Not getting the results from your current cleaning supplier?  Call us today we have fantastic rates on single or ongoing commercial cleaning contracts.

Bacteria Ban / Sanitizing

Bacteria ban is a virtual necessity, if there are asthmatics in the family, or your children have pets that are part of the family and are regularly indoors. The product is a complete and thorough extermination process for fleas, mites, silverfish and bacteria and is in no way harmful to children. It also leaves a fresh aroma.


Tile & Grout Cleaning

Just like carpets your tiles and grout can occasionally require professional cleaning. Overtime, dirt becomes trapped below the surface which cannot be removed with regular mopping. Why not utilise the latest technologies to restore your tiles and grout. Using The Turbo, a high pressure water cleaner, and chemicals, our technicians will bring new life to your tile floors. Hard to reach corners and severely soiled grout lines are easily cleaned with our special tools.

After your tile floors are cleaned, our technicians can also seal your grout. The sealing procedure will help protect the grout from further stains, bacteria build-up and germs, and will last up to five years.



Our qualified window cleaners are able to remove the most stubborn window deposits. Keep your windows sparkling clean by calling Click4Trades. Also see our main window cleaning page here



  • Prevent fires caused by dirty or blocked ducts and debris
  • Cleaner air and easier breathing, reducing the chances of illness
  • Remove dust, carbon particles, pollens etc. which can cause asthma
  • Remove dead, living and breeding insects and their faeces from ducts including dust mites, fleas, mosquitos, spiders and cockroaches
  • Remove small animals such as mice, rats, birds and their nests
  • Stop allergies and diseases caused by moulds and bacteria
  • Extinguish odours such as cooking smells and cigarette odour
  • Remove skin flakes and hair on which microbes grow
  • Improve the efficiency of air conditioning and heating systems


Click4Trades also offers a range of upholstery cleaning options. We can remove stubborn stains from your home or office furniture, and get them back in new condition.  Again only using state of the art equipment to restore the fabric of your furniture and drapes as well as sanitising and deodorising.

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